some special kind of beautiful

some special kind of beautiful

I love it when you head out the door for a normal walk with your family and it turns into this incredible adventure seeking journey. Especially when it actually took an hour to get everyone dressed and out the door, tears and all, and even those who didn’t want to go in the first place ended up having the greatest time.

The boys led the way, playing detectives and cowboys while doing so, my little girl running after them while wanting to hold my hand the entire time and the little munchkin, who is adored by all, did not sleep in his very cozy nest on wheels like he was supposed to.

We found a playground with hills and slides, swings and wooden cars, and a cat who wanted to join us in our games. We were surrounded by sunlight and cool breeze, trees and rowan berries to throw at each other (especially daddy who made himself the ideal target). We found spiders and puddles, stones and pine cones, and we even came across the first autumn leaves. I can’t wait for the beautiful burst of color to embrace the whole area here, it’s really something.

I was given a flower, a kiss, a hug and a few berries thrown my way. We chased butterflies and watched the birds fly above us. The kids wanted to see the stars but since it was in the middle of the day we promised them we would take a walk sometime in our pajamas late at night and look at the stars. It was a perfectly normal Sunday with all it’s ups and downs and yet it was some special kind of beautiful.



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