little letters

Dear blog,
thank you for screaming my name when I’m supposed to be studying for my final exam. A distraction is always appreciated. Later it will be the vacuum.

Dear little bird,
thank so much for your beautiful song right outside my window. You are making my day with your tweets and your singing. If my daughter was here, she would run towards you, wanting to hug you, calling out: “bíbí-bíbí”. It melts my heart just thinking about it.

Dear body,
I am amazed at the work you are doing making sure this baby boy is growing healthy and strong inside you. I know I hate you sometimes and I know the exhaustion is driving us crazy but you are doing great and there are only a few weeks left! We can do this!

Dear house,
even though you are a mess right now and I wish I could just wave my hand and you would pull yourself together on your own, I’m really thankful for you and your creaking floors. You have a beautiful soul and I’m glad my kids and us have a chance to add to your story.

Dear son who is four years old,
thank you for your little stories and beautiful ways of seeing the world. You amaze me, you make me laugh and you make me view the world in a different light. You are so kind to everyone around you. And thank you for combing your dad’s hair and then saying: “Dad, you look a little weird”. That made my day. I love you buddy.

Dear son who is almost six years old,
I can’t believe you are starting school in the fall. Where did the time go? It feels like yesterday you were running around in California, looking for trains to play with and running your cute little circles around the water fountain in Old Town Orange. Thank you for being in my life and making every day a better day (even the hard days) and thank you for saying to me last night: “Mamma, I love you sooo much”. I cried when I left the room. I love you too sweet boy.

Dear daughter,
I have no words to describe how much joy you give me. Your sweet and kind spirit, always smiling, always helping the parents at the kindergarten find their children when they come to pick them up. The way you take their hand and lead the way is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen you do. You always have a hug and a kiss for your dad and me and the way you wrinkle your nose and cuddle in my arms at the end of day is everything. I love you.

Dear unborn son,
I already love you more than you know and I can’t wait to meet you. You know I love your tiny fist bumps and your dad would be so proud if he could feel them. But could you please stop kicking me and moving around so much? I’m trying to study.



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