and our family keeps on growing

and our family keeps on growing

It used to be easy for me to sit down and write a few words. I’ve been feeling all kinds of feelings lately and it has driven be back to hitting the keys on my computer, forming something other than school related material. As I write this I here the most precious voices laughing and talking outside and yes, here comes the knock on the door. My family is home.

At the beginning of October we found out we were expecting another baby. We are beyond excited and amazed by it all and we can’t wait to welcome our third baby boy into this world. The weeks and months that followed were really difficult. I was still adjusting to the move to Norway, my morning sickness was constant with nausea and throwing up every day, I was going to school full time (I thanked God for distance learning every day) and I had a home and a husband and three kids to take care of. I was overwhelmed emotionally and physically and there were times when I really thought this period would never end. I have never felt like this through any of my pregnancies and needless to say, everything about this pregnancy has been different than before. I thought I knew what it was like to be pregnant but I guess it really is true what they say, every pregnancy is different and you never know what to expect.

Despite all the tears and hard times, I managed to finish the semester with 9.2 grade average. I still don’t know how that happened but it gave me the strength I needed to continue. So here I am, pregnant with my fourth child, living in a strange country (a nice country, we really like it here), still going to school full time and I’m finally feeling better. The morning sickness is gone and even though I’m tired all the time I am really excited about the future and what this beautiful chaotic life has in store for us. I thank God every day for my kids and the fact that I get to be their mom. My husband has been amazing through this all while going to school full time himself and I am so incredibly thankful for him.

We are doing this. This is life.

We bought a house and we get the keys in two weeks!! I would jump up and down right know but I really don’t want to get up from this couch.

I think I’m going to get some chocolate now. You know, because why not?


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