bye iceland // hello norway

bye iceland // hello norway

Ten days ago we said goodbye to Iceland for now. I am a little bit amazed how quickly we were able to pack our whole life and move it across the sea. Norway has only been good to us so far. My parents came with us to help us and we spent the first week with them in an airbnb apartment in Trondheim. It had a big and wild backyard with a trampoline which the kids loved and they spent literally every moment they could in there. Even the littlest person in the group. She was so good at keeping her balance in there and she ran across it over and over again laughing her heart out. This first week was the perfect vacation to relax a little bit after the craziness of the days before. We drove around Trondheim, walked downtown and explored the city and we were finally able to embrace the sun a little bit. We chased lady bugs, hung out with friends and marveled at the colors of the city.

When the 30th of July came around we drove up to Steinkjer to get the keys to the student apartment we were lucky to sign up for when we realized we weren’t going to be able to buy the house we wanted before we came here. It’s red and cute and located in a beautiful area not too far from the university. I don’t get the homey feeling yet and I don’t think I ever will in this apartment. It feels more like a summerhouse. It has furniture but just the basics and it feels weird being “at home” and not having all your things around you. We are still waiting for the pallets to arrive with everything we own carefully packed and wrapped. I just hope everything will make it here safely. We won’t be unpacking everything in this apartment because we plan to start house hunting as soon as we get our ID numbers. Apparently you can’t buy a house or a car and not even get a phone number here until you have been registered and assigned a Norwegian ID number. So we know this situation is temporary and we can’t wait to be able to buy our own house.

My parents left yesterday so today we have been adjusting to life on our own here. This whole adventure is already pulling us closer as a family and I am so proud of my tribe. I have shed a whole lot of tears through this process and my children always comfort me with their hugs and kisses. Yesterday my oldest beautiful boy cried with me when we were saying goodbye to his grandparents. I don’t think he understood completely that they were leaving for Iceland and wouldn’t be back this morning but he knew something was up and everyone a bit emotional around him. He is very sensitive and sweet. This has not been easy for me and even though I am excited I do get scared in between and some days I feel doubts about this decision. But I know in my heart that God is with us and this is where we are supposed to be at this point in our life.

Tomorrow is the first day of preschool for the boys. We are all excited and nervous. I hope they adjust well and that this experience will be a good one and only make them stronger. Kristinn starts his studies next week and my second year at the University of Iceland starts at the end of August. This is all happening. Life is happening.


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