facing the changes one box at a time

facing the changes one box at a time

I decided to start this day by sitting down with my cup of coffee and write a few words into the void. Needless to say, it did not go as planned and I only got through the first sentence. Life has been kind of crazy for us these past weeks and we are either playing hide and seek in between the boxes or finding ourselves lost inside of them.

July 26th is the day we fly off into the unknown. Norway awaits. I hope there will be more sun there than it has been here. Sunny summer days so far in Iceland: Zero. Or three. Maybe three and a half. Rainy days: 1000.

This is the second time we move our family across the seas and again I have a one year old climbing on all the boxes. My daughter has a few bruises already and she never learns even though she falls down. If anything, she gets more daring with every fall. I can’t leave a chair unattended. She is up there in seconds. I can’t blame her. She has the best role models in her brothers. She chases them everywhere and tries to be apart of their game. And mimics their every move. She rides the vacuum cleaner like a horse every time I start vacuuming. It’s adorable. These three littles of mine make this journey so much fun and I wouldn’t want to do this without them.

We are all feeling the changes. But we are trying to make this whole thing a big adventure for our kids. We talk about what’s happening and I try to get them to think and share their thoughts about this process. Especially Erik Ómar. He is a thinker and he has a beautiful mind and heart and I love hearing his thoughts and ideas about life. Aron Ívar has a beautiful heart and mind as well but his thoughts are more fairy tale like than reality. Everything is a story. With monsters, preferably. They are not always scary. Sometimes they are very cute monsters. And he always wants to protect me from them. This morning he walked out of his room with this huge ruler his dad had been using to measure cardboard protectors for some of our furniture. And he tells me he’s going to use this to slay the monsters. I believe his exact words were: “I’m going to use this to ding the monsters, mamma”. When you are three, life is one big fairy tale. These changes might be scary for him and he might not know what it means to move to another country but at least he is facing it with a brave heart. And he won’t have to face the scary monsters alone. We will face everything together.

No matter where we are, together we are home.



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